...Ira Glass aired the first ever episode of a radio series called This American Life. For more than 20 years now, Glass, along with his experienced team of producers, have turned their series into an international audio phenomenon and helped kick start the podcasting movement. Their mission: to tell true stories.

This podcast series was inspired by the work of Ira Glass, along with the fantastic work of the many others like him, such as Alex Blumberg, Sarah Koenig, and Robert Krulwich. Throughout the spring of 2016, two Miami University professors and 15 students will take that inspiration and use it to find and tell compelling stories. 

These 17 Miamians understand the power of audio. They understand the capability words have when left alone. They will spend four months searching for compelling stories, failing, succeeding, testing the waters, all in pursuit of a large multi-episode series called Now What? Stories about people entering into the unknown.